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A Comparative Analysis of Laminated Composites Insulation Materials Across Various International Standards

FR4 G10 G11 Sheet

With the rapid advancements in industrial technology, the realm of laminated composite materials has expanded significantly, leading to a diverse array of materials tailored for specific applications. Navigating through this diversity, including varying grades and international standards from prominent countries, presents a challenge. How does one choose the most suitable material for their specific needs?

In this comparative analysis, we dissect a variety of laminated composite insulation materials, highlighting their distinctions across major international standards such as US NEMA, IEC, German DIN, British BS, Japanese JIS, and US MIL-I standards. This analysis aims to provide valuable insights into selecting the appropriate material for specific industrial applications.

1. FR-4:

1.1 US NEMA Standard Model: FR4
1.2 IEC Standard Model (Old Model): EPGC202
1.3 German DIN Standard Model: HGW2372.1
1.4 British BS Standard Model:
1.5 Japanese JIS Standard Model: EL-GEF
1.6 US MIL-I Standard: GEE-F

2. G-10:

2.1 US NEMA Standard Model: G10
2.2 IEC Standard Model (Old Model): EPGC201
2.3 German DIN Standard Model: HGW2372
2.4 British BS Standard Model:
2.5 Japanese JIS Standard Model: EL-GEM
2.6 US MIL-I Standard: GEE

3. G-11:

3.1 US NEMA Standard Model: G-11
3.2 IEC Standard Model (Old Model): EPGC203
3.3 German DIN Standard Model: HGW2372.2
3.4 British BS Standard Model: EL-GEH
3.5 Japanese JIS Standard Model: GEB
3.6 US MIL-I Standard:
Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminate


Selecting the appropriate laminated composite insulation material is pivotal in ensuring the efficiency and safety of industrial applications. By understanding the distinctions across international standards and material grades, manufacturers and engineers can make informed decisions, thus optimizing their operations. This comparative analysis serves as a valuable resource, aiding industry professionals in their material selection process.


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