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Cylex Plastics is one of the world's leading suppliers of composite laminate materials and high-performance polymer plastic sheets, rods and tubes, providing quality materials and fabrication services to customers around the world.At Cylex Plastics, we are customer-oriented and dedicated to providing superior service and quality materials at competitive prices to meet the needs of our customers.

Our main materials include thermosetting composite materials G10/FR4/G11 sheet by NEMA grade, and polymer plastics PEEK, ESD PEEK, PEI, PI, PET, PVDF, PFA, PCTFE, PC/ABS, PTFE and blended modified materials, such as glass fiber filled, carbon fiber filled, graphite, anti-static, conductivity and other performance enhancements, as well as customized services such as special sizes and colors. Our professionalism has enabled the continuous increase of customers, which has greatly improved the output and production capacity of some of our customized materials. Therefore, we can set a lower MOQ for our customers on the trial order, which allows our customers to run a project faster at a lower cost. Most importantly, because of the impact of the global supply chain caused by COVID-19, we can respond quickly to our customers’ custom material orders compared to other suppliers with months-long lead times for special materials, most custom materials can be delivered within 15 business days.

Based on the strong capacity of our manufacturing base and complete supply chain channels, customers can also specify the raw material brands to produce the material they want, with full raw material traceability.  With our accumulated technology and professional experience to deliver the most suitable high-quality materials to our customers in global manufacturing plants.


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