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Can PVDF be Applied to Steel?


1.Can PVDF be applied to steel?
PVDF, utilizing fluorine resin as its primary film-forming material, serves as an ideal protective coating for metal building panels, including steel and aluminum. It offers exceptional durability, with a typical service life of up to 25 years under normal conditions.

2.What is PVDF material used for?
PVDF, also known by the trade name Kynar®, is a high-quality engineering thermoplastic known for its exceptional purity. It possesses outstanding resistance to chemicals, abrasion, flames, and UV radiation. PVDF finds extensive use in industries where chemical tank liners and components for semiconductor equipment are required.

3.What is the difference between PVDF and kynar?
PVDF and Kynar are related terminologies, but there is no fundamental difference between them. PVDF stands for polyvinylidene fluoride, which is a high purity engineering thermoplastic. Kynar is a trade name often used to refer to PVDF. In other words, Kynar is a specific brand name for PVDF. So, the terms PVDF and Kynar can be used interchangeably to describe the same material.

4.Why is PVDF expensive?
PVDF can be expensive due to factors such as the cost of raw materials, complex manufacturing processes, its specialized performance characteristics, the need for high purity, and limited market demand.

5.What is the disadvantage of PVDF?
PVDF material possesses high dielectric strength and dissolution factor. However, it also suffers from poor electrical properties, which helps the polymer be easily utilized in films with piezoelectric behavior.

6.What is an alternative to kynar?
An alternative to Kynar, which is a trade name for PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), is Hylar. Hylar is another brand name that represents a similar type of high-quality fluoropolymer coating with comparable characteristics and applications. Both Kynar and Hylar provide excellent chemical resistance, weatherability, and durability when used as protective coatings for various substrates. Therefore, Hylar can be considered as a viable alternative to Kynar when seeking a fluoropolymer coating solution.

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