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No matter what you need is a tiny gasket, long plastic sliding rails, a complex plastic profile, or special services like welding special plastics, assembling different process products, surface coating & sodium treatment, we are here to help. We offer you a wide range of plastic customs solutions, including machined finished plastic parts, extruded plastic profiles & tubes, as well as molded & injection molded plastic products. These products are from a wide variety of plastic materials. Some products combine several technical processes and require experienced engineers to complete. We supply according to the needs of your application, and precisely tailored to your requirements.

We Provide High-quality Custom Fabrication Services

Machined Finished Plastic Parts

Based on most advanced machining technology and manufacture equipment, we are offering plastic fabrication,machining service .......

Extruded Plastic Profiles & Tubes

Are you facing such challenge or problem and want to find a solution for? Products need to be manufactured into special shapes.......

Molded & Injection Molded Plastics

In recent years, with the development of microelectronics and semiconductor industries, the fluid handling of high-purity chemicals requires clean, ......

Welding, Assembling ,Surface Coating & Sodium Treatment

Some special plastics require surface treatment to be welded, for example PTFE surface needs to be sodium treated......

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