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Do FR4 and FR5 both contain bromine? Are there non-brominated G10 materials available?

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As is widely known, in the realm of laminated materials, G10 and G11 sheets are non-flame-retardant, whereas FR4 and FR5 sheets are flame-retardant, with “FR” standing for “Flame-Retardant.” FR-4 and FR-5 materials were originally developed to prevent or mitigate the potential fire hazard caused by overheating or electrical faults in circuit sheets, making them commonly used in household appliances and television sets, among other applications. These materials contain bromine as one of the elements contributing to their flame-retardant properties. However, while these materials excel in flame retardancy, they produce white smoke (HBr) that can corrode copper, standard-grade low-carbon steel, stainless steel, and most other metals.

If you require materials without bromine, we offer non-brominated G10 and G11 sheets, with G11 being slightly more expensive than G10. Furthermore, our company is capable of producing non-brominatedand halogen-free G10 sheets that comply with RoHS requirements.

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