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Do you know PEEK-GF30?

PEEK rod & sheet

PEEK-GF30 is a highly rigid polyetheretherketone (PEEK) material with properties such as creep resistance and dimensional stability. The following is a detailed explanation of PEEK-GF30:

Material properties:
Creep resistance: PEEK-GF30 has good creep resistance and can maintain its shape and dimensional stability under high temperature and continuous stress.
Dimensional stability: Due to its excellent dimensional stability, PEEK-GF30 is suitable for application scenarios that require high precision and stable dimensions.
High temperature resistance: The continuous use temperature of PEEK-GF30 is extremely high, about 260 degrees, and can reach 310 degrees for a short time, so it can still maintain its performance in high temperature environments.
Mechanical properties: It has high mechanical strength, rigidity and hardness, as well as excellent wear and friction resistance.
Chemical stability: It has good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of a variety of chemicals.
Flame retardancy: PEEK-GF30 has excellent flame retardant properties and can meet high flame retardant standards even without adding any flame retardant.
Radiation resistance: It has strong resistance to high-energy radiation and can maintain good performance in irradiated environments.

Application areas:
Aerospace: Due to its good hydrolysis resistance, corrosion resistance and flame retardancy, PEEK-GF30 can be processed into various high-precision aircraft parts and many parts of rocket engines.
Medical: It is widely used in the fields of medical care and pharmaceuticals, such as medical devices, drug delivery systems, etc.
Industrial applications: It is widely used in the manufacture of industrial equipment, pipelines, valves and other components.
Automotive applications: In automotive manufacturing, PEEK-GF30 can be used to manufacture engine components, seals, etc.

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