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Does PEEK conduct heat?

ESD Antistatic PEEK Sheet and Rod

As a U.S. based plastic supplier engaged in online product sales, understanding the thermal properties of materials is crucial. In this blog, we will delve into the topic of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and its ability to conduct heat. PEEK is a high-performance polymer with a diverse range of applications, making its thermal conductivity an essential consideration in various industries.

What is PEEK?
PEEK is a high-performance thermoplastic known for its excellent mechanical and chemical properties. It belongs to the family of polyaryletherketones and exhibits remarkable resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, and wear.

PEEK’s Thermal Conductivity
Thermal conductivity refers to a material’s ability to transfer heat. PEEK possesses relatively low thermal conductivity compared to metals but offers significant advantages over other traditional plastics. Its thermal conductivity value lies within the range of 0.25 – 0.35 W/mK.

Applications in High-Temperature Environments
PEEK’s exceptional heat resistance makes it an ideal choice for applications in high-temperature environments. Industries such as aerospace, automotive, and electronics rely on PEEK components to withstand extreme thermal conditions.

Thermal Properties of PEEK
1. Heat Resistance
PEEK can withstand continuous exposure to temperatures as high as 250°C (482°F) without significant loss of mechanical properties.

2. Melting Point
PEEK’s melting point ranges from 335°C to 343°C (635°F to 649°F), allowing it to retain its structural integrity in demanding thermal conditions.

3. Glass Transition Temperature
The glass transition temperature of PEEK lies between 143°C and 143.5°C (289°F and 290.3°F). Below this temperature, PEEK transitions from a rigid to a more flexible state.

4. Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
PEEK’s coefficient of thermal expansion is relatively low, making it dimensionally stable in temperature fluctuations.

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