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Green FR4 Sheet, Yellow FR4 Sheet, Black FR4 Sheet,

Key Properties

●High Strength
●Low Moisture Absorption
●Excellent Electrical and Mechanical Strength
●Good Electrical Properties
●Good Chemical Resistance

Material Application

●Jigs and test fxtures
●General machinery parts and gears, electromechanical devices
● Electrical printed circuit boards
●Base plate, support and guard panel for electric generator
● Insulating parts for transformer, inverter and electric motor
● Silicon rubber keypads mold
● Transformer Accessories
● Countertops grinding plate,packaging machines,comb

Composites : FR4/G10/G11 Glass Epoxy Sheet & Rod , GPO-3 Sheet , Durostone Sheet

FR4/G10 glass epoxy laminate sheet is thermosetting plastics. And they’re produced from electrical fiberglass cloth and impregnated epoxy resin under heat and pressure. This kind of composite material is highly distinguished by impressive mechanical strength and dielectric properties, as well as superior resistance to all kinds of solvents and acid chemical medicines.
G10 composite materials own the same properties as FR4, but FR4 is flame retardant, and it has a UL flammability rating of 94 V-0. The FR 4 material can usually be used where G10 material is specified, however G10 Laminate should not be used where FR-4 is specified. G10 improved thermal bending resistance is G11, G11 plus flame retardant is FR5
G11 is made of epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth, it has high mechanical properties at medium temperature. And it’s suitable for the high insulation structure of mechanical, electrical and electronic components.


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