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Wave Solder Pallet Composite Sheet (Durostone)

Durostone sheet is manufactured by utilizing glass fiber and high mechanical strength resin. This kind of heavy-duty glass fiber reinforced plastic offers remarkable electrical, thermal and chemical properties.


Sheet, Rod, Tube, Film, Custom Profile, Machined Part


Natural White, Black, Other Colors Can be Customized

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Details about Wave Solder Pallet Composite Sheet (Durostone)

This wave solder pallet composite sheet shows prominent mechanical strength for continuous use at 536℉. Even at 725℉ highest working temperature, this composite sheet is capable of retaining excellent flatness, smoothness and color for 10 to 20 seconds. Therefore, it is well-suited for continuous application in RoHS-compliant thermal production lines.

Additionally, thanks to outstanding machinability, rigidity and dimensional stability, our composite sheet is ideal for manufacturing all kinds of irregular-shaped structural parts. The bending strength reaches 20000psi, and still keeps as high as 15000psi in conditions of thermal or heating.


Properties of  wave solder pallet composite sheet

  • Support thin base plate or soft circuit board
  • Base plate supporting irregular housings
  • Multiple connected panels to promote productivity
  • Preventing base plate deformation during reflow at high temperature
  • Smooth surface and superior resistance applicable for Teflon spraying
  • Free metal ends of the circuit board from being polluted by human touch
  • Protecting rear SMT (surface-mounted technology) components during wave soldering
  • Allowing for no deformation during welding base plate
  • Standardizing width for production line and avoiding width configuring


Material Strength

  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Great chemical inertness
  • Prominent mechanical strength
  • High accuracy
  • Antistatic, 10^6-10^9
  • Long service life: can be used more than 20000 times

Material Application
1. Materials for reflow and wave soldering, as well as SMT
2. Electronic components automated assembly
3. Solder paste for the screen printing process
4. SMT: surface-mounted technology
5. Infrared reflow and solidification
6. Framework for on-site testing

Materials Grade & Color
Standard GradeFST356Blue
Antistatic GradeFSD658Black
Antistatic optical GradeFOD756Grey
PB-Free GradePBF958Claret-Red

Composite sheet Standard Sizes
Dimension (mm)Weight (kg)Dimension (mm)Weight (kg)


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