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ESD Static Dissipative ABS Sheet & Rod

ESD Static Dissipative ABS is an enhanced ABS that enhances the electrostatic properties of ABS by adding special inorganic electrostatic filling materials to acrylonitrile butadiene styrene resin to meet the needs of special electrostatic shielding environments. Although the addition of fillers changed some properties, tensile strength, chemical resistance, processability, and dimensional stability remained largely unchanged. ESD Static Dissipative ABS has high impact strength, and good tensile and bending strength.

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Details about ESD Static Dissipative ABS Sheet & Rod

ESD Static Dissipative ABS Sheet Size
Thickness(inches)Width*length (inches)Color
.2″ ~5″24″x48″Natural, Black


ESD  Static DissipativeABS Rod Size (Grinding)
Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Color
.4″~4″12″, 24″, 40″, 48″Natural, Black


● ESD Static Dissipative ABS has the same static value 106-109Ωcm for all the parts
● There is no change in static value after machining and surface wear
● Resistant to organic solvents, insoluble at room temperature, with good performance in low temperature, operating temperature is -40℃-90℃
● Wear resistance  with excellent resistance to creep, High mechanical strength, High rigidity ,and hardness
● Good flow properties, Non-absorbent, High mechanical strength, Excellent processing performance, No deformation after processing

1. Semiconductor test fixture, semiconductor crystal manufacturing equipment parts
2. The wafer processing jig, sensitive electronic components, the hard disk drive parts
3. The printed circuit boards, high-precision automated fixtures
4. The installation of electronic equipment, fixtures, rails, trays, pads, bushings, linings, wheel rollers, etc.


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