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GPO-3 (UPGM203) Sheet

GPO-3, also called UPGM203, is a standard electric insulating material with excellent arc resistance and superior heat resistance.

GPO-3 sheet is a rigid sheet insulation material made of alkali-free glass fiber glass impregnated with unsaturated resin polyester paste and heat pressed with appropriate additives. We can provide non-abrasive sheet and abrasive sheet, and the thickness tolerance of abrasive sheet is more accurate.


Sheet, Rod, Tube, Film, Custom Profile, Machined Part


Natural White, Black, Other Colors Can be Customized

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Details about GPO-3 (UPGM203) Sheet

Material Size, Colors
GPO-3 (UPGM203) SheetThickness(mm)Width × length (mm)
Standard Grade0.12″~3.15″


40″x 48″ (1020mm X 1220mm)
48″ x 83″(1020mm X 2100mm)


Colors include: Red, White

Material Strength

  • Excellent arc resistance (arc resistance ≥ 180 seconds)
  • Excellent resistance to leakage initiation (CTI≥600V)
  • Excellent heat resistance (heat resistance grade to 311℉ or more)
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance (working temperature -459.4℉ to +311℉)
  • Excellent flame retardancy
  • Excellent mechanical processing performance, high degree of automatic processing
  • Low smoke, halogen-free products

Material Application

  • GPO-3 in the application of molded case circuit breaker: phase partition, Arcing chamber, flash barrier , etc.
  • GPO-3 in the application of motors: Motor armature parts, activities cover plate, the stator slot wedge, washers, shims, carbon brush, etc.
  • Other applications: Suitable for all kinds of switches and the structural support of transformer,
  • Bus bar splint, bus duct insulation, the motor armature parts, signal board, electric furnace, electric furnace insulation , etc.

Material Type: GPO-3 sheet



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