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Oil Filled Nylon Sheet & Rod

Oil-bearing NYLON is a veritable self-lubricating nylon that provides good lubricating properties to the surface of parts by adding a special lubricating liquid to the production, and in addition, oil-containing nylon reduces water absorption. It is specially developed for the manufacture of parts that cannot be lubricated, have high loads, and operate at low speeds. It greatly broadens the range of nylon applications, and has a lower coefficient of friction (up to 50% lower) and improved wear resistance (up to 10 times higher) than normal nylon.


Oil-Bearing NYLON, Super Abrasion Resistant Nylon, Oil-Filled MC Nylon



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Details about Oil Filled Nylon Sheet & Rod

Oil Filled Nylon Characteristics
● High strength, stiffness, hardness and toughness
● High impact resistance and notch toughness
● Heat resistance without deformation, stress cracking resistance
● Good aging resistance, good mechanical damping ability
● Excellent abrasion resistance
● Low friction coefficient, natural self-lubrication, low noise
● Good mechanical processability, good dimensional stability
● No creep when used for precise and effective control
● Good chemical stability, resistant to organic solvent and fuel oil
● Good electrical properties, easy to print and dye
● Non-toxic and harmless


Oil Filled Nylon Applications
● Bearings, bushings, bushings, gears, star wheels, rack and pinion, casters, pump parts
● Automotive parts (e.g. lock parts, chain gears, hood parts, etc.)
● Sliding tracks, rollers, hardware parts, transmission parts
● Fan blades, structural plates, wear pads
● Chemical machinery, anti-corrosion equipment gears and parts of bad material
● Abrasion resistant parts, structural parts, household electrical parts, chemical equipment, etc.
● Screws, rubber rollers and rollers


CYLEX Plastic can supply the following sizes of Oil Filled Nylon Sheets & Rods, for other custom sizes or requirements, please Contact us.

Oil Filled Nylon Sheet Size
6mm-10mm620mm * 620mm
1100mm * 2200mm
15mm-100mm620mm * 620mm
1100mm * 1200mm
1100mm * 2200mm
110mm-150mm620mm * 620mm
160mm620mm * 620mm
300mm620mm * 620mm



Oil Filled Nylon Rod Size

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