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PC GF30 Sheet

PC with 30% glass fiber reinforcement significantly increases fatigue strength, tensile strength, bending strength and compression strength, improves stress cracking resistance and heat resistance, reduces water absorption, coefficient of linear expansion and molding shrinkage, increases wear resistance and creep resistance, but decreases impact strength, loses transparency and increases density. PC GF30 sheet is mainly used for applications requiring strength, heat resistance and precision. It can replace aluminum, zinc and other die-cast load parts as well as products embedded in metal parts, used for plug-in boards, connectors, gears, racks, coil bobbins, etc.

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Details about PC GF30 Sheet

● Rigid and tough
● Excellent impact resistance
● Good optical clarity, light transmission rate of 89% or more
● Easy to process
● Good thermoforming after drying
● Easy solvent bonding
● Adding glass fiber can enhance its strength and stiffness


● Impact resistant components
● Architectural glass, skylights
● Semiconductor mechanical components
● Optical materials, lighting materials, medical devices, displays
● Advertising light box panels


CYLEX Plastic can supply the following sizes of Polycarbonate (PC) Sheets & Rods, for other custom sizes or requirements, please Contact us.


Polycarbonate (PC) GF30 Sheet Size
Thickness(mm)Width*Length (mm)Color



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