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PC+ABS30 Blend Sheet

PC+ABS 30% Blend sheet is made by adding 30% ABS to polycarbonate, which reduces the melt viscosity of PC, improves the flowability of PC, improves its processing performance, reduces internal stress, and improves the toughness and notch impact strength of PC, increases the elongation at break, and is used in shell materials that require excellent impact performance, rigidity, weather resistance and dimensional stability, such as machinery, electrical components, and auto body products.

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Details about PC+ABS30 Blend Sheet

● Rigid and tough
● Excellent impact resistance
● Good optical clarity, light transmission rate of 89% or more
● Easy to process
● Good thermoforming after drying
● Easy solvent bonding
● Adding glass fiber can enhance its strength and stiffness


● Impact resistant components
● Architectural glass, skylights
● Semiconductor mechanical components
● Optical materials, lighting materials, medical devices, displays
● Advertising light box panels


CYLEX Plastic can supply the following sizes of Polycarbonate (PC) Sheets & Rods, for other custom sizes or requirements, please Contact us.


PC+ABS30 Blend Sheet Size
Thickness(mm)Width*Length (mm)Color



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