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KEL-F PCTFE Sheet & Rod

KEL-F PCTFE is an ideal sealing material in low-temperature and high-pressure conditions which owns excellent rigidity, low-temperature resistance, and cold-flow resistance. It has a wide temperature range of about -400°F to 380°F. It works well even at extremely low temperatures. Our KEL-F PCTFE was manufactured by Daikin NEOFLON PCTFE resin.


Sheet, Rod, Tube, Film, Custom Profile, Machined Part


Natural White, Black, Other Colors Can be Customized

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Details about KEL-F PCTFE Sheet & Rod

Colors: Natural White

1. Other choices of sizes, colors and grades are customizable.
2. Length, width, thickness and diameter tolerance are slightly different due to the inevitable error that occurred in the production process.

Material Strength
● High crystallization, excellent chemical resistance.
● Good transparency, products having good cold flow resistance and dimensional stability, excellent molding property, and good metal adhesion property.
● Resistance to heat, acid, alkali and organic solvents (except halides), but not molten resistant to caustic alkali or fluorine.
● Soluble hydrocarbons and carbon tetrachloride

Material Application
● Suitable for use in contact with highly corrosive media, high-pressure system seals and gasket materials, observation window transparent material, and electrical insulation materials, and therefore has a special significance in the chemical industry, nuclear industry, but its price is more expensive than Teflon.
● Generally used in high performance requirements of chemical equipment, insulated cables, radio appliances, capacitance products and heat or cold resistance accessories and so on.
● Dispersion for manufacturing anti-corrosion coatings and films.

Material Type
Sheet, rod , tubes and thin sheet

TypeThickness(inches)Width × Length(inches)
Sheets0.039 in to 1.6 in24″X 24″ , 24″ X 48″

Rod 0.20 in to 3.9 in1 feet, 2 feet, 4 feet
Tubes0.20 in to 3.9 in 1 feet, 2 feet, 4 feet


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