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PEEK-CF30 Sheet & Rod

PEEK-CF30 is derived by incorporating a 30% proportion of carbon fiber into unfilled PEEK.

The addition of 30% carbon fiber enhances the compressive strength and stiffness of PEEK while significantly reducing its coefficient of thermal expansion. Its tensile strength reaches up to 41,190 psi (284 MPa), only slightly lower than aluminum alloys, while its specific strength reaches as high as 29,870 psi (206 MPa), surpassing aluminum alloys by far. Due to the influence of carbon fibers, the thermal conductivity of CF30 PEEK is 3.5 times that of pure PEEK. Furthermore, this grade exhibits higher thermal conductivity than unreinforced PEEK, improving heat dissipation on bearing surfaces, thus enhancing bearing life and capability.


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Details about PEEK-CF30 Sheet & Rod

The density of carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK rods is lower than that of 30% glass fiber-reinforced PEEK rods, yet it displays very high mechanical strength values. In contrast, carbon fiber composite materials often have lower abrasiveness compared to glass fibers, simultaneously improving wear performance.

Carbon-filled PEEK rods also exhibit excellent hydrolytic stability in boiling water and superheated steam environments. PEEK CF30, in black color, finds application in many critical areas of general industry, as well as in the automotive, marine, nuclear, petroleum, electronics, and aerospace industries, owing to its outstanding performance.


Key Properties

 Very high thermal mechanical bearing strength

Good chemical resistance

Excellent wear resistance

Excellent creep resistance

Excellent radiation resistance

High hardness and rigidity

High maximum use temperature

Excellent hydrolysis resistance


 PEEK-CF30 Sheet Size

Thick: 0.2 in – 4 in

Dimensions: 6 in x 6 in – 24 in x 48 in



Diameter: 0.25 in – 8 in


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