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PEEK-GF30 Sheet & Rod

CYLEX PEEK-GF30 is a high-performance thermoplastic material that is 30% glass fiber reinforced, making it an ideal choice for applications where superior stiffness, strength, and creep resistance are essential. PEEK GF30 has higher strength and stiffness and lower thermal expansion than unfilled PEEK.

This material is capable of withstanding constant loads at elevated temperatures for extended periods of time. CYLEX PEEK-GF30 is commonly used in the parts such as backup seals and electrical connector bodies, as well as high-load machined parts where strength and durability are critical. Its unique combination of properties makes it a top choice for manufacturers seeking a reliable and high-quality solution for their demanding needs.




Natural White, Black, Other Colors Can be Customized

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Details about PEEK-GF30 Sheet & Rod

Key Properties

Excellent Abrasion resistance
Improved strength & Stiffness, flexural modulus than Unfilled PEEK
Lower Thermal Expansion than Unfilled PEEK
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Outstanding Wear Resistance
Water Steam resistant when continuous exposure



  • Bearings: High-performance components for smooth and reliable rotational motion.
  • Bushings: Durable and friction-reducing elements for shafts and axles.
  • Connectors: Reliable and secure linkages for electrical or mechanical connections.
  • Gears: Precision-engineered components for transmitting power smoothly.
  • Impellers: High-efficiency blades used in pumps and turbines for fluid movement.
  • Insulators: Electrical or thermal insulating materials for safety and efficiency.
  • Pump Wear Rings: Wear-resistant rings that enhance the performance and lifespan of pumps.
  • Rollers: Robust and smooth-surfaced components used for conveying or guiding materials.
  • Rotors: Key components in motors and turbines responsible for generating movement.
  • Seals: Secure and leak-proof elements for preventing fluid or gas escape.
  • Aerospace Components: Critical parts used in aircraft and space vehicles for optimal performance.
  • Electrical Connectors: Essential components that establish electrical connections reliably.
  • Electrical Housings: Protective enclosures for electronic and electrical equipment.
  • Semiconductor Components: Integral parts of electronic devices for conducting and controlling electricity.
  • Structural Components: Sturdy elements that provide strength and support to various structures.
PEEK-GF30 Sheet Size 

Dimensions: 6 in x 6 in – 24 in x 48 in

Thickness: 0.02 in – 2.5 in


Diameter: 0.25 in – 8 in


Outside Diameter: 0.3in–8in



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