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PTFE Glass-Filled

PTFE Glass-Filled is PTFE with the addition of different proportions of glass fiber reinforcement, which enhances the mechanical properties of PTFE. It exhibits improved dimensional stability, lower linear thermal expansion coefficient, and higher wear resistance, preventing load deformation and increasing compressive performance by up to 40%. The addition of glass fibers has minimal impact on the chemical and electrical properties of the compound, making it resistant to acids and oxidation but susceptible to attack by alkalis. Glass fiber proportions can be selected at 25%, 20%, 15%, and 10%.

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Details about PTFE Glass-Filled

Key Properties
Improved Stiffness than Unfilled PTFE
Improves the mechanical properties of Unfilled PTFE
Higher dimensional stability, tight tolerance control
Lower linear thermal expansion coefficient
Higher wear resistance
Excellent Self-Lubricating
Pump and Valve Seat Assemblies
valve seat
Chemical Processing Components
Electrical Processing Components
self-lubricating bearing
piston ring
sealing ring
Gasket Gasket
Sliders and Rails
Available Colors
Off White

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