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Colored PTFE

CYLEX can produce colored PTFE materials by incorporating various colored pigments into PTFE, such as red, blue, yellow, green, black, orange, and others. These colored PTFE sheets, rods, and tubes are created through sintering and compression molding, making them suitable for applications that require color identification.


Sheet, Rod, Tube, Film, Custom Profile, Machined Part


White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Orange, With various toners added Of PTFE powder and pellets.

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Details about Colored PTFE

Key Properties
● Colored PTFE possesses excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties, as well as a low coefficient of friction. It exhibits remarkable chemical resistance, self-lubricating capabilities, and a low coefficient of friction.

●  Highly suitable for manufacturing high-temperature sealing elements, insulators, piston rings, seals, gaskets, valve seats, slide blocks, and guide bearings used in aerospace, semiconductor, and chemical processing industries.



Dimensions: 6 in x 6 in – 48 in x 48 in

Thickness: 0.02 in – 4 in


Diameter: 0.2 in – 8 in


Outside Diameter: 0.3in–8in





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