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PVDF Sheet & Rod

Polyvinylidene Fluoride PVDF sheets and rods are fitted with remarkable resistance to chemical, aging, creep, and fatigue, as well as high machinability. Compared to PTFE, this kind of special plastic material is endowed with more outstanding rigidity and impact resistance. In addition, PVDF is capable of constantly working under the circumstance of adverse temperatures (such as hostile enviroment or radiation) ranging from -25°F to +265°F. PVDF materials were used in the highy demanding applications requiring the highest purity, and chemical resistance to acid, solvents, and hydrocarbons. PVDF is the few plastics that own the high radiation resistance, only next to PEEK and Polyamide PAI.


Sheet, Rod, Tube, Film, Custom Profile, Machined Part


Natural White, Black, Other Colors Can be Customized

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Details about PVDF Sheet & Rod

Colors : Natural White,Red

Other Grades: PVDF+ GF(Glass Fiber), PVDF Welding Rod

1. Other choices of sizes, colors and grades are customizable.
2. Length, width, thickness and diameter tolerance are slightly different due to inevitable error occurred in production process.

Material Strength
1. Extraordinary toughness
2. Impressive resistance to abrasion, corrosion and ultraviolet radiation
3. Excellent mechanical properties: easy to weld, thermoform and other machining
4. High electrical insulation yet low flammability

Material Application
1. Fluid handling components for petrochemical industry such as pump, valve, pipe, storage tank and heat exchanger
2. Logistic devices for high purity chemicals of semi-conductor industry
3. Other pump bodies, rotation discs, valves, check valves, centrifugal extractors, cog wheels, pipe connectors, and sliding track, etc.

Material Type
PVDF sheet, rod ,tube,elbow

TypeThickness(mm)Width × Length(mm)
PVDF sheet1mm—12mm


PVDF Rod20mm–200mm1000mm,2000mm,3000mm


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