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Medical and Pharmaceutical

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Cylex Plastics offers the materials to meet the requirements of medical and Pharmaceutical. The materials must meet the FDA certificate and USP Class VI requirements.


Chemical resistance
Medical-grade materials possess good chemical resistance to various conventional disinfectants and cleansers.

Sterilization performance
A great number of our medical-grade plastic materials are very easily sterilizable by means of hot steam, ethylene oxide (ETO), plasma and gamma rays and STERRAD NX.

We offers complete lot and batch traceability for medical-grade materials – from semi-finished products right up to the raw materials.

Hydrolysis resistance
The excellent hydrolysis resistance of our MG products is indispensable for sterilizability with hot steam.

Within the scope of selecting the suitable material for a medical-technical application, not only the technical requirements have to be considered, but often it is necessary to ensure the material is compatible with the human organism. The biological assessment of a product is invariably requisite, if there is direct contact of the material or product with the patient. The extent of such tests depends particularly on the experience already gained for this material in the particular application concerned, and the precise intended use of the medical product (in particular the nature and duration of the physical contact).

Recommend Materials

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Typical Applications

  • Medical Wands
  • Sterilization Trays and caddies
  • Endoscopic Probes & Devices
  • Handles and grips for instrumentation
  • Sizing trials for knee and hip replacement
  • Fixation devices
  • Endoscopic housings and eyepieces
  • Parts for X-ray and MRI devices
  • Components for supports and biopsy units
  • Blocks and housings for dialysis machines
  • Pistons and valves for anesthetic equipment
  • Supports and adaptors for respiratory units
  • Grips and handles for dental instruments
  • Components for treatment and therapy units
  • Components for sample changers
  • Valve housings and nozzles for fluid distribution
  • Spectrometer parts for chromatography systems
  • Wear parts for pill and tablet production

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