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Polycarbonate (PC) Sheet, Transparent

Polycarbonate Key Properties

● Remarkable optical transparency with over 89% light transmittance
● Easy to be machined
● Thermoforms well after drying
● Applicable to solvent bonding
● Glass fiber reinforces toughness and rigidity
● High impact resistance

Material Application

● Impact resistant components
● Construction glass and skylight
● Parts for semi-conductor machines
● Materials applied in optics, lighting, medical care and display screen
● Lampshade panel for advertisement

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PC is made up of polycarbonate which is the amorphous thermoplastic which offers excellence in terms of rigidity, hardness and toughness. This machinable plastic is endowed with extraordinary transparency and impact resistance. It also delivers superior mechanical strength and electrical insulation, as well as high dimensional stability and creep resistance. Grounded on numerous characteristics, PC sheet and rod are the ideal alternative materials to glass. Because of its excellent properties and the versatility of polycarbonate sheeting, its transparency makes it ideal for both domestic and professional environments. In addition, customers also benefit from extensive working temperature range that is from -130°C to +130°C.

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