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US NEMA Standard ModelIEC Standard Model (old model)German DIN Standard ModelBritish BS Standard ModelJapanese JIS Standard ModelUS MIL-I StandardProduct Name Characteristics and Usage
XXPFCP202HP2061.5P2PL-PEMPBGPhenolic resin paper-based laminateElectrical and mechanical use
CPFCC201(3025)HGW2082F3PL-FCMFBMPhenolic resin Cloth-based laminateMechanical use
LPFCC203(3026)HGW2083F2PL-FLIFBIPhenolic resin Cloth-based laminateMechanical, precision machining
G-7SiGC201HGW2572GSGSilicone resin glass cloth boardFor electrical and other electronics, excellent dry electrical performance and good moisture resistance
G-7SiGC202HGW2572Silicone resin glass cloth boardMechanical and electrical, good heat resistance
G-9GMEMelamine glass cloth laminateArc resistant, flame resistant, can be used in humid environments
G-10EPGC201(3240)HGW2372EL-GEMGEEEpoxy glass cloth laminateHigh mechanical strength, insulation resistance and dielectric strength, low loss in dry and wet conditions
G-11EPGC203HGW2372.2EL-GEHGEBEpoxy glass cloth laminateHeat resistance, performance is the same as G-10,improves hot bending resistance of G10 is G11.Tg:130℃
FR-4EPGC202HGW2372.1EL-GEFGEE-FEpoxy glass cloth laminateFlame resistant, performance similar to G-10
FR-5EPGC204HGW2372.4EL-GEHFGEB-FEpoxy glass cloth laminateFlame retardant, heat resistant and similar to G-11
EPGC308Epoxy glass cloth laminateH Grade,heat resistant to 180℃ ,other performance is similar to G-11
GPO-3UPGM203GPO N-3Polyester glass felt boardMechanical and electrical, similar to GPO-2, with improved arc and resistance to leakage

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