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Surface Treatment Technology and Process Optimization of POM Plastics


POM plastic, polyoxymethylene plastic, is widely used in many fields due to its excellent mechanical properties, wear resistance and chemical stability. However, the surface properties of POM plastics may still need to be further optimized in some application scenarios to meet higher aesthetics, wear resistance or functional requirements. This article will discuss the surface treatment technology and process optimization of POM plastics in order to improve the surface properties of POM plastics.

1. Surface treatment technology of POM plastic

Spraying technology
Spraying is a common surface treatment technology that forms a thin film on the surface of POM plastic by spraying paint or coating materials to improve its appearance, wear resistance or corrosion resistance. The choice of coating material is critical and should take into account compatibility with POM plastics, adhesion and required functionality.

chemical treatment
Chemical treatment is to change the surface properties of POM plastics by introducing specific functional groups or compounds on the surface. For example, through oxidation, reduction or grafting, hydrophilic, hydrophobic or specially reactive functional groups can be formed on the surface of POM plastics, thereby improving its wettability, antistatic or adhesion.

physical handling
Physical treatment mainly uses physical methods to change the morphology and structure of POM plastic surface, such as laser treatment, ion beam treatment, etc. These methods can form micro-nano structures on the surface of POM plastics, increase their surface area and roughness, thereby improving their friction properties, adhesion or optical properties.

2. Optimization of surface treatment process of POM plastic

Optimization of process parameters
The parameters of the surface treatment process have an important impact on the treatment effect. Therefore, optimizing process parameters is the key to improving the surface performance of POM plastics. In the spraying process, the adhesion and uniformity of the coating can be improved by adjusting parameters such as paint concentration, spraying speed, and temperature; in chemical treatment, the introduction of functional groups can be optimized by controlling factors such as reaction temperature, time, and concentration. .

Surface preparation
Surface pretreatment is an integral part of the surface treatment process that cannot be ignored. Before spraying or chemical treatment, the POM plastic surface needs to be cleaned, degreased, roughened, etc. to ensure a good bond between the treatment layer and the substrate. At the same time, appropriate pretreatment can also improve the adhesion and uniformity of the treatment layer, thereby improving the overall effect.

Application of post-processing technology
Post-processing technology is a method of further processing or adjusting the treated layer after the surface treatment is completed. For example, after spraying, drying, curing and other treatments can be carried out to improve the hardness and wear resistance of the coating; after chemical treatment, heat treatment or light treatment can be carried out to stabilize the structure and performance of the functional groups. The application of post-processing technology can further improve the surface properties of POM plastics and meet higher usage requirements.

3. Conclusion

Surface treatment technology and process optimization of POM plastics are effective ways to improve their surface properties. By selecting appropriate surface treatment technology, optimizing process parameters, and applying post-processing technology, the appearance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other functionality of POM plastic can be significantly improved, thus broadening its application scope in various fields. In the future, with the continuous innovation and development of surface treatment technology, the surface properties of POM plastics will be further improved, bringing more convenience and possibilities to our lives.

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