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The Production Process of FR4 Epoxy Fiberglass Board Revealed

0.5mm FR4 G10 INSULATION strips frame

FR4 epoxy fiberglass board, as a substrate material widely used in the electronics industry, is deeply loved by engineers for its excellent performance and stability. But you know what? This seemingly ordinary plate contains a high degree of technology and exquisite craftsmanship in its production process. Today, let us enter the production world of FR4 epoxy fiberglass board and reveal its birth journey.

1. Preparation of raw materials

The main raw materials of FR4 epoxy fiberglass board include epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth. Before production begins, these raw materials need to undergo strict screening and testing to ensure that their quality meets standard requirements. Epoxy resin is used as an adhesive, and its quality and purity directly affect the performance of the FR4 board; while glass fiber cloth provides the mechanical strength and stability of the board.

2. Dip and drying

Next, the fiberglass cloth is dipped in epoxy resin to fully saturate it. This process requires precise control of the viscosity of the epoxy resin and the dipping time to ensure that the fiberglass cloth is evenly covered with epoxy resin. After the impregnation is completed, the fiberglass cloth will be sent to a drying oven for drying to remove excess moisture and solvent while allowing the epoxy resin to initially solidify.

3. Lamination and hot pressing

The dried glass fiber cloth will be superimposed in multiple layers to form the preliminary form of the board. Subsequently, these stacked fiberglass cloths are fed into a laminator and laminated under high temperature and pressure. During the lamination process, the epoxy resin further solidifies and bonds tightly with the fiberglass cloth to form a strong board. After the hot pressing is completed, the basic structure of the FR4 epoxy fiberglass board has been formed.

4. Cutting and processing

The FR4 epoxy fiberglass board coming out of the laminator is a large board that needs to be cut and processed according to customer needs. In this step, high-precision cutting equipment and processing techniques are used to cut large plates into small plates of various sizes and shapes. At the same time, drilling, milling and other processing operations will also be performed to meet the different needs of circuit board manufacturing.

5. Testing and quality control

Every step of the production process requires strict quality control and testing. During the production of FR4 epoxy fiberglass boards, a number of performance tests are conducted, such as insulation performance, mechanical strength, heat resistance, etc., to ensure that each board meets standard requirements. At the same time, all aspects of the production process will be monitored and recorded so that problems can be discovered and adjusted in a timely manner.

6. Packaging and storage

After cutting, processing and testing, the FR4 epoxy fiberglass boards will be sent to the packaging process. In order to protect the boards from damage and contamination, professional packaging materials and methods will be used for packaging. After packaging is completed, the FR4 boards will be sent to the warehouse for storage. During storage, the temperature and humidity of the warehouse need to be controlled to ensure that the performance of the panels is not affected.


The production process of FR4 epoxy fiberglass board is a highly precise and complex process involving multiple links and processes. Every link requires strict control and management to ensure the quality and performance of the final product. By revealing the production process of FR4 epoxy fiberglass board, we can have a deeper understanding of the birth journey of this magical board, and we can also cherish and trust the excellent performance and stability it brings.

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