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Transparent Plastic

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Compared to glass, transparent plastics are widely used due to their light weight, flexibility, and ease of processing. Plastics with light transmittance above 88% are called transparent plastics (such as: PMMA, PS, PC, Z-polyester, etc.)

1. PMMA is commonly known as plexiglass (acrylic)
Excellent transparency, light transmittance 92%, it is a very good optical material, often used to make instrument lenses, optical products, electrical appliances, medical equipment, transparent models, decorations, sun lenses, dentures, billboards, clocks and watches Panels, car lampshades, windshields, etc.

2. PS polystyrene
It is a kind of transparent plastic that is easy to form and process. The light transmittance of its products reaches 88-91%, the coloring power is strong, and the hardness is high. However, PS products are relatively brittle and prone to internal stress cracking. Commonly used as decorations, lighting signs, lampshades, stationery, transparent toys, daily necessities, kitchen supplies, water cups, lunch boxes, lenses, insulation layers in refrigerators and refrigerators (after foaming), building materials, EPS packaging materials, etc.

3. PC polycarbonate
The light transmittance is 90%, good light transmittance, impact resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, dimensional stability of products, and good molding performance. It is often used to make protective goggles and masks, high-temperature electrical products, air duct shells, fire cow shells, electrical appliances, motor shells, tool boxes, milk bottles, cold drink machine shells, camera parts, safety helmets, gears, food plates, medical Equipment, catheters, hair clips, hair dryers, hairdressing supplies, heels, fiber reinforced engineering parts, CDs.

4. Copolyester (Z-resin)
The light transmittance reaches 91%, reaching the transparency of plexiglass, and the impact toughness is extremely good, approaching or even surpassing polycarbonate. Commonly used in cosmetic packaging, transparent stationery, transparent home appliances, toothbrushes, toys, medical treatment, bottle blowing, film, sheet and other transparent material applications.

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