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Natrul PEEK Sheet & Natrul PEEK Rod,

PEEK (polyether ether ketone) is a thermoplastic material with excellent all-around properties and is a representative member of the polyaryl ether ketone (PAEK) family. the rigid benzene ring and flexible ether bond in the molecular structure of PEEK provide excellent mechanical properties and a wide range of molding options, respectively. the durability, availability and processability of PEEK at high temperatures for many industries make PEEK the material of choice. PEEK is available as semi-finished products in sheet, rod and tube form, as well as machined into parts from customer drawings. We can provide cutting services to customer’s dimensions.

Shop for PEEK, Sheets can be cut-to-size, machined into fabricated parts, and customs sizes may be available upon request.  Stocked materials typically ship in 2-5 business days. Can’t find what you need? Get a quote.


PEEK Types and Grades

PEEK Key Properties

● High-temperature resistance, maximum continuous working temperature up to 482F ( 250℃); (actual mechanical properties after the glass transition temperature, strength and modulus drop significantly)
● Excellent mechanical properties such as impact resistance, creep resistance, and friction resistance.
● Resistance to almost any chemical except concentrated sulfuric and hydrofluoric acids.
● The best radiation resistance of all plastics (e.g. γ-rays)
● Inherent self-extinguishing properties of the material (UL94 V – 0 class), high resistance to UV light.
● The highest vapor resistance of all engineering plastics.

PEEK Application

● Seals, support rings, highly insulated terminal parts
● Valves, gears, bearings, piston rings, sliding vanes
● Inspection fixtures, LCD panel parts
● Semiconductor cleaning jigs, IC wafer carriers, etc.
● Medical device fixtures

● Sampling needles, PEEK digestion vessel 


PEEK Sampling Needle


Application:Made of high-performance PEEK, it is used for extracting chemical reagents, sampling and testing, etc. It is widely used in scientific analysis, bioengineering, and pharmaceutical industries.

PEEK digestion tank

PEEK digestion tank,inner tank and firmware,PEEK microwave digestion vessel

Application: Made of high-performance PEEK + glass fiber modified polymer material, it can penetrate and absorb microwaves, and is widely used in scientific analysis, bioengineering, and pharmaceutical industries.


PEEK Gear, PEEK Hexagonal Sleeve


Application: Engineered from Polyetheretherketone, these gears excel in demanding industries like aerospace, automotive, and medical, ensuring unmatched durability and efficiency.

PEEK Screws

PEEK Screws, PEEK Hexagonal Screws, Slotted Screws

Application: One-Piece Fitting,Split double-head fastening,Split metal ring fitting, Flange fitting,Split Connector,Microtube fitting,Luer taper,Split Connector,END PLUG,Wall feed-through,Wall feed-through PEEK Screws


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