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What is Acrylic Plastic

Transparent PMMA window protection board

Acrylic plastic is a kind of plastic based on acrylic resin. It is a polymer obtained by polymerizing acrylic acid and its esters. The most representative one is polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and its copolymers.

Features of acrylic plastic include:
● High transparency, light transmittance >92%, light weight, relative density 1.19, only half of inorganic glass.
● It is hard, not easily broken, highly transparent, has good weather resistance, and is easy to dye and shape.
● It can be thermoformed into various shapes, can be machined such as cutting, drilling, engraving and grinding, and can be processed into clock products by secondary processing such as bonding, coating and printing, dyeing and hot stamping, hot stamping and embossing, and metal evaporation. .
● Plexiglass is the best transparent plastic and can be used instead of glass.

Application areas for acrylic plastics include:
● For purposes such as making signs and displays.
● Used to make fish tanks, prizes and other products that need to be customized with special shapes.
● Used in products such as bathroom doors, windows and skylights, it is safer, has better thermal insulation properties and is lighter than glass.
● It is the best choice in some situations where weight is important.
● Used to make products with bulletproof capabilities, such as presidential cars, bank counter partitions, aircraft glass, etc.

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