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What is FR4 Commonly Used for?


FR4 is a PCB substrate with good heat resistance, mainly composed of glass fiber and organic adhesive. Due to its excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties and dimensional stability, FR4 has wide applications in many fields. The application of FR4 in various aspects will be introduced in detail below.

1. Electronic industry

FR4 is the most widely used in the electronics industry as a PCB (printed circuit board) substrate. Due to its excellent insulation properties, heat resistance and mechanical strength, FR4 is widely used in various electronic equipment, such as computers, communication equipment, consumer electronics, etc. In the electronics industry, FR4 is mainly used to make single-panel, double-panel and multi-layer boards to provide reliable support and connection for electronic components.

2. Aerospace field

The excellent performance of FR4 also makes it widely used in the aerospace field. Since the working environment of aerospace vehicles is harsh and the performance requirements of materials are extremely high, FR4’s high-temperature performance, strength and stability make it an ideal material for manufacturing electronic equipment inside aerospace vehicles. For example, the navigation system, sensors, control panels, etc. on the aircraft are all inseparable from the application of FR4.

3. Automobile industry

In the automotive industry, FR4 is mainly used to manufacture PCBs in automotive electronic control systems. With the development of automobile intelligence, the complexity of automobile electronic systems continues to increase, and the requirements for PCB are also getting higher and higher. The high reliability, heat resistance and stability of FR4 can meet the high reliability requirements of automotive electronic systems and improve the driving safety and reliability of the car.

4. Energy field

In the energy sector, FR4 is mainly used to manufacture electronic components for solar photovoltaic panels and wind power equipment. Due to the harsh operating environment of these devices, materials are required to have excellent heat resistance, insulation and stability. The excellent properties of FR4 make it the material of choice for manufacturing solar photovoltaic panels and electronic components for wind power equipment.

5. Rail transportation field

In the field of rail transit, FR4 is mainly used to manufacture PCBs for train control systems and signaling systems. The rail transit system has extremely high requirements on the reliability and safety of equipment. FR4’s high strength, high insulation and heat resistance can meet the high reliability requirements of rail transit equipment and ensure the safe operation of trains.

6. Home appliance field

In the field of home appliances, FR4 is mainly used to manufacture PCBs for high-end home appliances. As people’s living standards improve, the quality and performance requirements for home appliances are getting higher and higher. FR4’s high electrical performance, heat resistance and stability can meet the high-quality requirements of high-end home appliances and improve the service life and reliability of the products.

In short, FR4, as a high-performance PCB substrate, is widely used in fields such as electronics, aerospace, automobiles, energy, rail transit, and home appliances. With the continuous development of science and technology, the application scope of FR4 will continue to expand, providing strong support for industrial upgrading and high-quality development in various fields.

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